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Amped Classics Electric Conversions

Amped Classics specializes in converting classic cars to electric power. Let us bring your car to the 21st century with all of the advantages of an electric powertrain. Don't currently own a classic car? Amped classics turn-key builds let you design the car of your dreams.

The Conversion Process

Game Plan

Before any work is done, we discuss your expectations of power, range, and finished weight. All conversions can be fully reversible, allowing you to return the car to stock if desired.

There are many options for your conversion, it is our goal to work with you on a build plan to meet your expectations.

ICE, its been fun...

Next, we carefully remove the internal combustion engine(ICE), and related components. Components can be organized, documented, and packed for storage for future use.

Design and Build

With every build we computer-design motor adapter plates, hubs, motor mounts and battery boxes specifically for your vehicle.

All of our builds feature on-board J1772 compatible level 1 and 2 charging, integrated BMS(battery management system), battery and inverter cooling system, and DC/DC converter. Other systems such as power brakes, power steering, air conditioning, heating can be integrated based on your requirements.

Buying an Amped Classic

Build to Spec

If you like the idea of owning a classic car with increased reliability and virtually no maintenance, Amped Classics can build the car of your dreams! You get to choose everthing from paint color, interior features, wheels and tires to battery and motor combos for your desired range and power!

We start by sourcing a quality donor car. Small, light-weight vehicles make the best ev conversions. Working with you, we build the car to your personal specifications.